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    In my younger times, I got a degree in European Languages. That achievement allowed me to enter an interesting row of professional experiences which included teaching, planning and management both at public and private Institutions. Later on, I was active as a freestanding professional in the international cooperation and interweaving field.

    Psychotherapy has been present in my mind as a personal goal for many years. So, I made up to enrol again and got a full degree in Psychology and a further doctorate in Psychotherapy. This way, my previous experiences cope with my learnings and make my approach to patients’ issues manifold and understanding.

    My Surname

    My surname is likely to stem from the Lombard alpine dialect form “bosla” (close to German “Buchs”, “Buchsbaum”, English “box”, Swedish “buxbom”), referring to some kinds of “hard wood” like the hawthorn . According to a common German use of the word “Weißdorn”, “Bozzola” as “a hawthorn” would also refer to a white (fair) -complexioned man/woman. In fact – yet perhaps quite surprisingly - most of us Bozzolas are fair-complexioned.

    As to the surname frequency (checked by means of the official telephone directories) in the North Italian provinces, relevant data are to be found in Milan, Turin and Venice, but the surname reaches its percentage peaks in the Provinces of Novara, Pavia, Brescia and Verona: the most peripheral districts of the former “Longobardia”. Some past political power seems then to have pushed the Bozzolas towards the borders of the Langobardian jurisdiction. A closer hypothesis looks at our family as stemming from Brescia, having reached western Langobardia later in the seventeen century.

    Some Bozzolas are also to be met in German-speaking Switzerland, somewhere in Germany and in the U.S.A.