• Feelings of psychic uneasiness sometimes forcefully break into daily life tampering balances and weakening our personal resources, bringing about painful conditions. Patients caring means understanding the meaning of symptoms to heal them.

    The main precept in any therapy consists in aiming at the psychic health and in answering personal and relational issues, a feeling of wellbeing being crucial to everyone’s quality of life.

    Symptoms may also mean a deeper need for change. In that case, an evolutional outlook opens up, consisting in the trend towards a personal fulfilment. Wellbeing is then made of a personal knowledge achievement and perhaps in a self-adjustment aimed for anyone to become closer to one’s own. This way, one can experience the freedom to be what one should be.

    A fit tuning of our personal dimension with the ones of our friends and relatives is set at the end of this path. In the meantime, we are given a chance to bestow life a sense beyond all worries for the time flowing.

    My engagement with persons withholds any barren exercise of procedures. Quite the opposite, it is always unique and personal-tailored, for everyone has got his/her own way of being–in-the-world and to feel it, his/her own way of undergoing adversities and of healing. Our journey throughout life may become stirring.